Spring Creek Engineering

Electrical Engineering, Design and Consulting Services

Our Mission

Spring Creek Engineering strives to provide the best professional, customer focused design and consulting services customized to our clients needs.

Our philosophy
Spring Creek Engineering’s business focus is providing professional design and consulting services for the building construction and renovation industry.

Our commitment to results
SCE's service includes standard A/E practice with additional services not often associated with standard A/E practice. This experience includes a wide range of healthcare, laboratory, commercial, performing arts, houses of worship, office, retail, education, institutional, industrial, and governmental facilities. Our design, technical and project management experience provides a solid foundation to insure projects are produced to client expectations, on time and within established project budgets.

Our experience
SCE has diverse practice and extensive experience with a vast array of clients providing engineering services for many different types of facilities and systems. This diversity is a major contributor to innovative and cost effective project design. Concepts and ideas developed to meet the specific needs of one facility or system often provide insight for meeting the needs of others.

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